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Download Pinpoint software. Read, inspect, and edit the data in 1 or 100,000+ HL7 messages. Drill down. And skip the pain of pipe counting.

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Edit the right field

Pinpoint knows HL7 structures. Add the right data in the right field. Then validate to a spec.

Filter to inspect

1-click filtering cuts inspection time dramatically. Advanced filtering makes searches a snap.

Troubleshoot & report

Select fields, get values, and get usage stats. Simple. So you have more time for the fix.

"I've been cranking out files in 5 minutes when it used to take me

as much as 30 minutes to do the analysis."


Bill Huff, Interface Team Lead

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7-Day Free Trial

HL7 data insight

Pinpoint features add up to a powerful query tool for HL7 data streams and transaction message files. If you're an HL7 analyst or developer who needs to dive deep into the data, Pinpoint can help you: 

Get fast answers to complex queries

Skip repetitive tasks and deliver smarter answers 

Simplify troubleshooting and leave more time for integration

From a large DC-area trauma center

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