The average US hospital runs up to 100 IT apps.

Not a single one of them can share patient information out of the box. So hospitals and vendors turn to data interfaces -- 50 to 100 interfaces in an average hospital. Each interface can take months of painstaking manual work to set up.

Caristix software automates manual interface work.

  • Software reads HL7® data and outputs a list of interface requirements.
  • Thorough interface coverage, with and without vendor specs.
  • Reduce months of work to a few days.
  • Reduce interface deployment time by 50%, reduce hospital testing time by 75%, and cut interface maintenance time by 90%.

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In healthcare, interfacing is inevitable.

But who said it has to be painful?

Got an interface engine?
Caristix software is vendor-agnostic. All interfacing technologies welcome!

Interface scoping
Scope and specify HL7 interfaces automatically.

Gap analysis
Identify potentially crippling data gaps that can stay hidden when working manually.

Keep your interface specs up-to-date -- automatically.

Testing before Go-Live
Generate realistic test data, or use test data from an HL7® log.

Easily drill down into problem messages.

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