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HL7 Integration whitepaper: from trial and error to predictable project outcomes and margins

Interface Lifecycle Management (ILM)

With 60% of hospital CIOs juggling over 100 systems, trial and errror interfacing has run its course. It's time for Interface Lifecycle Management.

"There is a lot of upfront analysis and documentation work involved with scoping an interface, gathering requirements, and then testing the interface. Caristix software enabled us to automate this work. We couldn’t have done this cost-effectively without Caristix." Learn more

Fast Turnarounds and Go-Live Dates

Traditional costs and risks are no longer acceptable in today's world. Streamline the cycle.

The Key ILM Phases

We've identified key phases. Is your organization following this process?

Transform Project Outcomes, Growth, and Margins

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Shahid Shah
CEO, Netspective

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