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HL7 Profile Kit

A Supplement to the HL7 Survival Guide

Inside This Kit

The 12MB .zip download contains:

1. HL7 Profile Kit Guide

A step-by-step PDF guide to walk you through the process of building a spec or profile. Get details on needed HL7 structure, content, and attributes.

2. Sample profile in MS Word

A document that reflects the practices we recommend for building a spec.

3. Sample messages

Sample HL7 messages that were used to build the specs in this kit. In order to develop an accurate spec, you need sample messages.

4. Sample profile in Caristix format

An example using the Caristix format.

5. Free Caristix Reader software

Displays the sample profile above, enabling you to read the profile's structure, content, and attributes.

Why HL7 Profiles?

Profiles (or interface specifications) get analysts, developers, internal customers, vendors, and consultants all on the same page.

Identify risks before developing the interface. Eliminate trial and error during go-live. And simplify changes as your interface evolves. This HL7 Profile Kit helps you get started with best practices for building profiles.

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