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HL7® Survival Guide

The Complete Guide to the HL7® Interface Lifecycle

Inside the HL7® Survival Guide


Ch.1. How to Integrate and Exchange Healthcare Date

Ch. 2. Pros and Cons of Interfacing Capabilities

Ch. 3. The Heart of the Matter: Data Formats, Workflows, and Meaning

Ch. 4. How to Work with Vendors and Developing Your EHR Strategy

Ch. 5. Vendors, Consultants, and the HL7® Interface Specification

Ch. 6. Interfacing Artifacts: HL7® Conformance Profiles or Interface Specifications

Ch. 7. Interfacing Artifacts: Gap Analysis

Ch. 8. Interfacing Artifacts: Test Scenarios and Test Systems

Ch. 9. Interfacing Artifacts: Message Samples and Test Messages

Ch.10. Process and Workflow

Ch. 11. Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Monitoring

Ch. 12. Definitions

Ch. 13. Contributors and Resources

Why Do You Need the HL7® Survival Guide?

HL7® interfacing - you can't live without it but that doesn't mean you have to suffer through connecting the systems that make your environment hum along. 

The HL7® Survival Guide will help you get a firm grasp on all the challenges, standards, and choices you need to make along the way, whether you are developing interfaces on your own or working with consultants. 

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